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Welcome !

Hi, I am Yaourou - known as YouYou -

A model, translator and consultant

I am passionate about tons of things but just to name a few, languages, travel, creativity, psychology and authenticity.

I believe being true to yourself is true happiness. A life that is full of passion ! A life that does not need to fit into a conventional box.

I am grateful for my work as a model as it allows me to be a chameleon; I am able to adapt to the editor’s brief, the designer’s brand and the photographer’s vision ; it is interesting to be a blank canvas telling other people’s stories.

It is now my time to share my story, thoughts and values through creating the multilingual Yaourou Brand.

My choice is for an ethical and sustainable Brand. I am committed to work with Ethical and Fairtrade manufacturers to ensure that workers are paid fairly and have safe working conditions. My manufacturing partner's ethical credentials and environmental standards are verified through reputable third party organisations.

Neutral Certified Responsibility
The Fairtrade Foundation

Get inspired with a Brand that is loving, seductive, encouraging, liberating and all about being YOU.

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